Did You Think 2020 Was Never Going to End?


Did you think 2020 was never going to end? You are not alone. Wow, what a year! One thing that I had heard from my candidates this past year was that they did a little soul-searching. Many people were at home instead of going into the office, avoiding rush hour, and maybe they were on two or three Zoom calls a day. They liked getting out of bed a little later and clocking out a little earlier.

There’s nothing like a pandemic to give us a fresh perspective on life, that’s for sure. For a lot of us, 2020 found ourselves at a crossroads and asking some big questions. We wondered if this is really how we are going to spend the rest of our days? Is this the right time to find my finally follow my passion, find my ideal career, or maybe start a business?

It’s hard to leave a company when you have a good salary, a mortgage, and bills to pay. It is the proverbial “golden handcuffs.” However, life is way too short to be miserable. And at a certain age and career level, there may be more risk in corporate America than in pursuing your own path.

So what are your options?

#1: Suck it up. Stay at your job, put on a happy face, and make it to retirement as best you can. Focus on family, community and other fulfilling activities.

#2: Update your résumé and pound the pavement to get another J-O-B. This may likely result in the same outcome as your current job. Rat race!

#3: What is behind door number three? Try a new path, think about switching jobs, consider buying or starting a business, pursue your passions? This is where I can help.

Uncertainty and risk is mitigated through knowledge. Most people have no idea where to start even if they want to go into business or make a change. However, for some of us, the day-in and day-out of corporate life is not how we want to spend the majority of our waking hours. It’s now or never.

What are the next steps?

Step 1: Sit down with your spouse/partner and do some soul-searching. Do I really want to do this? Can we pull this off? Can we afford this financially? What can we invest and through what methods, while still maintaining our lifestyle?

Step 2: Let’s talk. Maybe an hour, perhaps, or an hour and a half. Let’s have a conversation where you can share your goals, and I can figure out the criteria you want in a business.

Step 3: Investigate. Forget about buying a franchise. Let’s investigate franchises. If you take me up on Step 2, you likely found the courage and are an ideal candidate for franchising. I can assure you I can find some great franchise options for you. Where the magic happens is the MATCH. Keep an open mind; let’s do the due diligence together. Once you start really understanding franchise ownership and mentally/visually seeing yourself building an empire… then we’re on to something. And there is no risk or cost to learn something important about yourself.

2020 was insane. Chances are 2021 is going to be nutty as well. There is no better time to explore your options for making a move in the near future.

Happy New Year and be safe!




  • Home-Based Business – No retail/office space needed
  • Direct Pay Customer Base – No chasing down people for money
  • Large, Protected Territories
  • Low Investment
  • Highly Effective Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Extensive Training & Ongoing Support
  • Proprietary Digital Platform
  • Ongoing Specialized Estate Sale Training
  • Proven Estate Sale Management Process

Call or email me to discuss. I’ll run through a few basic steps with you to make sure you’re a fit and do territory checks.



David Busker is the Founder of FranchiseVision and a Franchise Consultant with FranChoice, the premier national network of franchise consultants. David helps candidates exploring franchise ownership to set their criteria and then matches them with the perfect franchise, then supports and guides them through due diligence and franchise signing. You can learn more about David at www.franchisevision.com/about.

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